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English to Spanish freelance translator specialised in IT translations

Finding a good Spanish-English translator specialised in technology is no easy task. General-interest translators very often are not so tech savvy and technical translators don’t always manage to find the right tone to make your documents reach the right audience. I, however, have been translating technical documents from English to Spanish since 1998 for international companies all over the world. Would you like me to help you?

foto roger garcia redactor freelance mini redes socialesMy name’s Roger Garcia, a freelance copywriter and translator specialised in technology with 20 years´ experience.

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Over the years, I’ve had to face a vast range of highly specific documents or ones that were not initially intended for the Spanish market. In these cases, it’s never enough to just translate: we need to do what is the sector is known as localisation or transcreation, and this means: adapting the text to the target market.

What does localising tech content mean?

  1. Understanding what the text is about: With my work for clients, I’ve translated tons of computer science, IT, hardware, software, networking, data storage, and IT security assets, along with copy for websites. Another important factor is the fact that I’m a huge tech fan and I love researching and learning more about what I’m translating.
  2. Translating it into a language that’s understandable: Technical translations are often so literal they’re practically impossible to understand. I put myself in the shoes of the end user or the professional who’ll read them and adapt the content to their level of knowledge, even though this may sometimes mean deviating from the original (but always maintaining precision).
  3. Respecting industry and client’s standards: You have to be flexible with the language when it comes to translating technology texts if you want to find the correct balance between the norms and the way users speak. I also understand that there are clients that prefer not to translate certain expressions, product names, etc. Don’t worry; your translation is always in safe hands with me!
  4. Meeting deadlines: It’s normal to work with tight deadlines in the technology sector, especially if you need the text for a trade fair, a request for proposals (RFP), a product launch, etc. I can translate 2000 words in under 24 hours, and if there’s something urgent with a strict deadline, then I’m also available to work at weekends.

I regularly work with translation agencies in Spain, the UK and the USA, but I’m always open to new and interesting projects.

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What documents & formats do I translate?

I’m used to doing tech translations in a wide range of document and formats.


  • Translation of press releases.
  • Translation of articles and posts.
  • Translation of data sheets.
  • Translation of brochures and catalogs.
  • Translation of white papers.
  • Translation of ebooks.
  • Translation of web pages.
  • Translation of online stores.
  • Translation of applications.
  • Translation of requests for proposals.


  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Translation Platforms (, XTM, memoQ, etc.)

If I get a document that’s uneditable (PDF), then I’ll convert it to Word or a .txt file and send the translation with clear instructions so the layout artist can prepare the Spanish version even if they don’t speak English. I’ll also take care of translating the uneditable graphics and images and inserting notes or comments in the translation.

My price also includes additional proofreading and revision of the document or website once it’s been formatted and comparing with the original English version to make sure nothing gets “lost in the translation”.

How does it work?

Send the document you need translated to I’ll check it and immediately let you know if I can do it, the cost, and the delivery time.


My rate for translating English to Spanish computer and IT contents is 0,06 euros/word + VAT.

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“I saw Roger grow and mature as a PR Manager in LF Channel, excelling as detail-oriented, analytic and with a vision alltogether, which gave him a great capacity to build proposals with great insights and to produce very accurate translations (a part of our work we both enjoyed greatly).”

Celia Diaz-Pardo, Communications and Fundraising Consultant

“Because Roger was a key asset of our communication strategy, it was obvious to keep working with him once he decided to switch to freelance. I’ve been impressed by his capacity to understand quickly highly technological concepts as well as by his talent to explain them in meaningful, precise and enthusiast writings.”

Pierre Papera, Building New Relic Barcelona

“Roger is a superb professional and exceptionally efficient. Always very meticulous in his work and with a result of high quality.”

Mónica Espina, Senior Executive and Entrepreneur

«Roger has worked with us as an editor / translator for 10 years and our satisfaction is very high. He always carries out his work in an excellent way, with professionalism, speed and motivation.»

Jim Mc Laughlin, Director, Nativos Language Consultants



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